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Memorial to gun violence

St. John Baptist Church in Columbia recently installed a powerful memorial to victims of gun violence in the greater Washington, DC, area. On an embankment behind the church are simple frames, and on each frame is the name (if known), age, and date of death of those killed with a gun in 2014. The resulting display is striking.

Victims of gun violence 2014
Panoramic view of the display memorializing victims of gun violence in the greater Washington, DC area in 2014. Click on image for a larger view.

As Columbia, Maryland is a suburb of Baltimore, presumably the memorial includes Baltimore, Washington, DC, and the area in between. But no matter how you define it, the field of T-shirts is quite moving. The range of ages, from the very young to the very old, is also sobering.

Memorial to gun violence in the Washington, DC area
The stark simplicity of the memorial is stilling: these are shirts that will not be filled, and in many cases the shirts are for victims many times too young to wear an adult T-shirt.

My thanks to the St. John Baptist Church for taking the time and effort to remind us of what we have lost.