Arcade – Review

Fantasy Review, No. 72, October, 1984, p. 34

Miss These 37 Chapters of Pop Science

Rosenblum, Robert. Arcade, by Robert Maxxe (pseud.). Doubleday, Garden City, New York, March 1984. 332 p. $15.95. ISBN 0-385-18941-9.

Carrie Foster, newly widowed mother of a thirteen year old son, sees nothing particularly sinister about the opening of a video game arcade in quaint little Millport. But what about the mysterious Mr. Peale? And why did poor little Alan commit suicide after being “torped”? Is there some hidden force causing the children to form “zals” and play “Spacescape”? Does the vague, repeatedly foreshadowed Purpose have validity, or are these all a neurotic woman’s imaginings? Will America be stripped of its forests for idiotic books like this? Fight back! Miss the 37 chapters of pop science! Escape the trite conclusion! Don’t Buy This Book!

–Lawrence I. Charters


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