Off Duty

Off Duty was a magazine (1970-1999) devoted to military personnel and their families in the Pacific. Feature articles were usually devoted to places worth visiting throughout the Pacific, with more articles devoted to electronics (this was the era of massive speakers, amplifiers, receivers, turntables, mass adoption of cassette tapes, the start of the CD revolution), personal computers, recipes, and other topics of interest to young, healthy people in their late teens through early thirties. In other words, the US military and their families.

March 1986: Focus on Japan, Off Duty, March 1986, p. JPN-10. A fertility festival and early cherry blossoms.

April 1986: Focus on Japan, Off Duty, April 1986, p. JPN-8. Cherry blossoms and the emperor’s birthday.

May 1986: Focus on Japan, Off Duty, May 1986, p.  JPN-6. Festivals and sumo wrestling.

June 1986: Focus on Japan, Off Duty, June 1986, p. JPN-12. Hakone, Fuji Five Lakes and Tokyo Disneyland.

July 1986: Focus on Japan, Off Duty, July 1986, pp. JPN 8, JPN-9a. Kyoto and the Gion Festival.


Western Pacific dragons and other real creatures

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