Photos that didn’t make it into the Seahawk

By Lawrence I. Charters
Kenko Shimbun, December 1985, p. 4.

Have you ever wondered how many prize-winning photos never won a prize because they never made it into print? Pictures are often said to be worth a thousand words, which may explain why some photos make it, and some don’t. These photos didn’t, primarily because Certain People thought they spoke at least a thousand words, and the words were the wrong thousand. Sigh.

Heads would roll
“Good grief! The Captain wasn’t kidding when he said heads would roll if we failed inspection!” (Image scanned from newspaper.)

You may recognize the original context in which these photos were taken. If you don’t, the captions offered won’t provide any enlightenment.

High-tech Cabbage Patch dolls
Struggling to makes ends meet on a military income, medical repairman John Smith brought in extra money on the side making high-tech Cabbage Patch dolls out of recycled commissary shopping bags. (Image scanned from newspaper.)

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