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Colorado gets a boost from Google Photos

Google Photos has recently been greatly revamped, offering “unlimited” storage of photos in “high quality,” or up to 15 GB if you upload original photos. “High quality” is pretty darn high, so I experimented by dumping a bunch (several thousand) photos into my account.

But that, as with many things Google, isn’t all. Google also has an “assistant” that does things like automatically create photo “stories” from photos, and “animations” from groups of photos that were taken over a short period of essentially the same scene. The “animations” are really animated GIF images (which are in turn a series of images saved as a single file), and the results can be startling.

Here are some animated GIFs of a recent trip to Colorado. All of these animated GIFs were created by Google Photo’s “assistant,” without any editing from me. In fact, I didn’t even ask for them; the “assistant” picked out photos and created them without any effort or notice from me.

Air Force Academy main chapel
The United States Air Force Academy main chapel.
Baby diving ducks at Mt. Evans
Baby Bufflehead diving ducks in Summit Lake, near the peak of Mt. Evans.
Japanese garden at Denver Botanic Gardens
The Denver Botanic Gardens have any number of different styles of garden, including this Japanese garden.
Fountain, Denver Botanic Gardens
A nice fountain at Denver Botanic Gardens. It was startling to see water in Denver, and greenery.
Flags at the Colorado Freedom Memorial
Flags flying at the Colorado Freedom Memorial. The name is a bit awkward, since it apparently is honoring the memory of freedom.
Butterfield horse
The Denver Botanic Gardens were hosting a display of sculptures of horses by Deborah Butterfield. Most of the horses looked as if they were made of driftwood; this sculpture looked like scrap metal. Highly original.
Exterior of US Air Force Academy chapel
The outside of the US Air Force Academy chapel. You can see that, as one visitor noted, it is “nothing but simple triangles.”
United States Air Force Academy Jewish chapel
Underneath the main US Air Force Academy chapel is a small Jewish chapel.