Closeup of Tesla Supercharter

Tesla Supercharger Station

Tesla sells electric cars. These are not hybrids, with both a gas and an electric engine, but a pure, electric engine car. Traditionally, electric cars were limited to commercial operations in and around warehouses and other short-distance operations, or in locations where the exhaust of a gasoline or diesel engine could harm or kill people. A few people purchased electric cars for short-haul commutes.

Tesla has grander ambitions: they wish to produce full-size, full-featured automobiles. Since gas stations assist gas-powered cars, Tesla decided to set up electric charging stations for Tesla cars — across the entire United States. These are images of a Tesla Supercharger station near the Denver Airport.

Tesla Denver Supercharger
Tesla operates a network of Supercharger stations across the US, designed to recharge a Tesla electric car in “minutes instead of hours.” Photo by Kathleen Charters.
Closeup of Tesla Supercharter
Closeup of one of the Tesla Supercharger stations near the Denver Airport. Photo by Kathleen Charters.

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