Titanium bonded non-stick iPoint orbit

Pointlessly pointed iPoint

It is early in the school year and you’ve reluctantly concluded that the thousands of dollars you spent on clothing, fees, supplies, and whatnot failed to cover every expense. Reluctantly, you drag yourself to Costco and get:

  • A computer? Nope, got that.
  • A tablet? Nope, got that.
  • A smartphone? Nope, got that.
  • Still more clothes, since the kids seem to have grown two inches in a month? Nope.

What you need is: a pencil sharpener.

Titanium bonded non-stick iPoint orbit
The iPoint orbit (lower case? really?) pencil sharpener has non-stick (!) titanium bonded (!) blades. They resist the buildup of graphite and colored pencils! It has an auto sensor shut off, in case the sensor doesn’t shut off on its own. Ez-view shaving reservoir (similar to en e-z view or an easy-view, but not quite). It has an innovative new design!

And not just any old pencil sharpener, but one with non-stick titanium bonded blades!

Which begs just one question: what is a pencil, and why does it need to be sharpened?


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